Nothing has been even remotely normal this year, so why would the upcoming holidays be any different? So why not embrace the weirdness and do something totally out of your comfort zone this Thanksgiving? And, it gets you out of cooking and cleaning.

The Paws Up Resort, about 45 minutes east of Missoula, is offering a Thanksgiving Weekend Getaway that normal people like you and I could never afford. However, if you have a wealthy relative willing to foot the bill, or, a few friends who could all pitch in for an unforgettable weekend, you could make this happen.

The family-style weekend is a 4 night stay starting on November 25th or 26th. You'll enjoy Thanksgiving crafts, wagon rides and fireside s’mores with the kids, and also have the option for some grown-up fun with wine tastings, football viewing and outdoor adventures in the breathtaking Montana wilderness. Thanksgiving will include "lavish offerings with all the ranch-to-table trimmings." The entire weekend will be filled with gourmet cuisine and fancy wine pairings, but this Thanksgiving dinner is likely to be one of the best meals you've ever had, and something your family will never forget.

The price of the package includes a luxury home for your family, the Thanksgiving feast, football game party with appetizers and local craft brews, ranch-history nature hike and wagon ride through the Wilderness Estates, and each guest will get hundreds of dollars in resort credit and Black Friday shopping credit.

Definitely sounds like a once in a lifetime affair, but it's what you and your family deserve in 2020, especially if you're looking forward to an end of the year bonus. Find out more and book here.

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