As someone who saw a total of 123 artists perform live in 2019 (I kept track because I'm insane), 2020 has gradually become more and more heartbreaking. The live music scene has been pretty much wiped clean because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and many of the shows I was most looking forward to have either been postponed or cancelled entirely (I'll miss you most of all, Vampire Weekend show).

So today brought news of a few more Logjam shows that have been taken off the calendar. First, The National, who were supposed to perform at Kettlehouse in July, have postponed their show to an unspecified date in 2021. That's a bummer, but at least they're trying to reschedule and make sure it happens eventually.

The other big news is that Sheryl Crow's concert, which was scheduled for June 7th over at Kettlehouse Amphitheater, has been outright CANCELLED. We get it - not every show can be rescheduled, and who even knows when we'll get back to having huge concerts at major venues. But it's still rough for the fans who probably knew the show would move, but though it would get a new date to look forward to.

If you're looking for a refund for the show, you can submit a Refund Request Form to Logjam, though they're asking ticket holders to donate their money instead to the Supplemental Income Fund to help out their local hourly employees that have been impacted financially by the pandemic.

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