The film production scene in Missoula has skyrocketed over the last few years. More and more TV and film projects have been getting made in Montana, and as a result, we've seen new production companies coming into town and setting up shop.

One media production company called Shadowcast Partners had exactly that plan in mind, and entered negotiations with the county to purchase five lots of land in Missoula and use them to build a brand new production studio.

Well, it worked! The lots were sold for $750,000, and Shadowcast is free to begin building a new studio whenever they want.

...but they're not going to do that.

Wait, What?

Yep - apparently, something else came up, and Shadowcast Partners has decided not to move forward with their plans to build a new production studio in Missoula. But they are still going to buy those lots of land.

Instead of building the new studio, the plan is to sell the land again, this time to another user.

According to NBCMontana, the county sold the land knowing that Shadowcast now plans to sell it to someone else. There are no details about anyone potentially entering into a deal to buy the land (again) at this time.

So, I guess it's time for some wild speculation, as is always the case: do you think another media production company will see the value in this land and work to set up shop there? Do you think something else will want a chance to move in?

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