The American Rescue Plan was Montana Senator Jon Tester's topic at a meeting with business people in Missoula. The Friday morning gathering at Montgomery Distillery included distillery owners Jenny and Ryan Montgomery, Missoula County Commissioner Josh Slotnick and Missoula Economic Partnership CEO Grant Kier. The discussion was followed by questions from the media.

Tester, the only Montana Congressman to vote for the Act, said, "A return to normal for our economy is in sight. But communities across our state are in critical need of relief to help them recover from the economic fallout of this crisis. That's why I worked to ensure that the American Rescue Plan provides targeted, direct relief to Montana cities like Missoula, which could receive nearly $14 million to plug revenue gaps and keep critical services like cops and firefighters on the beat. And it'll help small businesses like Montgomery Distillery and other hospitality, tourism and entertainment venues keep the lights on...We are already seeing the benefits."

Among other things, the plan includes $14 million for the City of Missoula and $22 million for Missoula County. $382 million is coming for K-12 schools in the state, and $94 million for higher education universities and colleges. As Tester mentioned, $750 million is funding travel, tourism and outdoor recreation businesses. Included in the funding is money for airports and hospitals. Tester's specific request to restore full rail service of Amtrak through the state is also in the bill.

Tester also said, "The American Rescue Plan provides critical resources that'll get Montana businesses, schools and communities fully reopened as quickly as possible. "

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