I absolutely adore this time of year. The shopping, the decorating, the cooking, the visitors, the events and WOW there's a lot going on. It's magical and intoxicating, enchanting and stupefying. Some amount of planned-relaxation time is always helpful, but especially during the hectic holiday season, which can easily become overwhelming. Here are some self-care techniques Missoulians can use to chill out:

Embrace Nature

It's cold but it's worth it. A stroll alongside the river or Greenough Park can really help clear the mind, and here are a few places you can hike here in town. If you feel like taking a drive to a national park, here are 9 within reach of Missoula.

Spa Day

Spa day is not short for "spaghetti day," although a nice bowl of angel hair could be relaxing in its own right. I've never had a spa day but Yelp can help you find a place to get a "mani pedi" or whatever.

Comfy Up Your Home

Make the most of your alone time at home with stuff like candles and bath bombs. If that sounds nice maybe take a trip to Bath and Body Works at Southgate Mall.


I've heard that yoga can be helpful for relaxing and centering one's self. If you're thinking about taking a class, here's Yelp again with some local yoga places.


If dessert doesn't fall under your definition of self care, we truly are two different people. If sweets can help calm your nerves, visit Crumbl Cookies— The Big Dipper is closed for a remodel, but here are some other options.


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