Sonic the Hedgehog has been slowing down lately, as Sega of America will focus more on PC and smartphone titles, relocate to Southern CA and lose over 300 employees.

Sega of America has announced to its shareholders that it is taking the company in a new direction for the sake of continuing in the gaming industry. One of its biggest changes changes include the closing of its main offices in San Francisco and a relocation to somewhere in southern California. Another major move includes shifting gears away from console gaming and focusing company's attention on the digital market for PC and smartphone games. Unfortunately, the biggest change will have to be the 300+ jobs that are going to be lost throughout the company during this time of transition.

Sega also hopes to commercialize the Sonic the Hedgehog brand. With the Big N outsourcing the creation of Nintendo toys, board games, plushies and other pieces of merchandise to third-party developers, we're glad to see that Sega has finally decided to do the same for the Blue Blur. Based on all the lackluster entries of the Hedgehog's series over the past 15 years, it unfortunately might be too late for Sonic and Tails.

What a pretentious talking animal...

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