Last week, I shared 5 things I no longer believe about “Diet”…..

Let's talk about some fitness words that should just go away forever.

1. Motivation. Don't wait for this mythical animal to come to you and give you a free ride to your workout. Go to your workout. The end.

2. Toned. Women like this word. It implies muscles are present but they aren't busting out like the Hulk. To get "toned" you need to build muscles and if you want to build muscles you need to eat an adequate amount of calories and protein and lift heavy shit. Period.

3. Cleanse. No. You do not need to jump start your metabolism by getting on the magic school bus aka "the cleanse". Your body cleanses itself all on it's own. If you want to speed up your metabolism see #2.

4. Easy. I usually see this word on the cover of magazines in regards to how to erase cellulite or get toned arms. It's bullshit.

5. Quick. Changing your body is not like walking into a salon and asking for a different hair do. Just because your body is capable of change doesn't mean it's going to be quick or easy, nor should it be. It wasn't made to be a fat burning machine, it has other things on it's mind like keeping you alive and healthy.

This concludes our discussion on words that can go away forever. If you would like to add any, please do so in the comment section. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Rachel Plumage NASM CPT

Coach Team TNT

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