With COVID 19 forcing so many public events to cancel, Safe Kids Missoula decided to get creative with their annual Safety Fair this Sunday on the campus of Community Medical Center.

Executive Director Kira Huck explains.

“This year we are still committed to offering something, however it will be a drive thru event,” said Huck. “It'll be a reverse parade style event where families can come down and they'll drive through a loop where they can still wave at Monte and law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMTs. Boltz from the Mountain Line will be there and they can pick up a goodie bag as well as a bag lunch which is donated by the Missoula Food Bank and Community center.”

SK activity Book

Instead of getting out of the car and mixing with all the presenters, Huck said they’ll have something to take home to help them practice safety for the whole family.

“They can learn much of what they would have at our traditional event,” she said. “This year our way of kind of ‘wrapping in’ our community partners and providing that education was to put together a safety activity book, and it's a 36 page activity book. So there's quite a bit for families to do together and learn about topics like fire safety, home safety, and water safety.”

Huck said the activity book will have a long lasting effect on kids and their families.

“There are a lot of different activities, such as crosswords, word searches, connect the dots and coloring pages. But really most of the partners that they would traditionally see at the fair have an activity page in that book, so they still get to have that presence with the family.”

The event is Sunday from noon to 2:00 p.m. on the campus of Community Medical Center, and is free to the public.

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