Think for a second about how lucky Missoula has been this summer to have Ogren Park doing all kinds of different events - we've had socially-distanced movies, trivia nights, happy hours, brewfests, and celebrations in a time where a lot of towns across America haven't been able to have that. I know I'm especially grateful for Centerfield Cinema giving me a weekly movie experience in a time when I couldn't go to the movie theater, and now, they're adding another event for September - this time, for the runners in town.

Run Wild Missoula is hosting the Diamond Dash on September 12th - see how fast you can race around the diamond against everyone else! They'll be doing the event in waves - so about 25 people every 15 minutes - and then after you're done you can hang out, enjoy some food and a beverage at the stadium, and see how everyone else does.

Here's how they describe it on their Facebook event page:

Step up to the plate and take part in the Diamond Dash! Finish your run or walk at home plate in Ogren Park at Allegiance Field (home of the PaddleHeads). Stick around for a socially-distanced hang out in the ballpark and enjoy post-race bevvies and snacks, listen to some tunes, cheer on the other finishers, and watch a slide show of past RWM race highlights on the massive video board.

In a time where the Missoula Marathon had to be cancelled and many runs around town had to follow suit, this is again another instance where we can finally get back to a version of normalcy. Will you be checking out the Diamond Dash?

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