The hit series Yellowstone recently finished its fourth season, which is one that many Missoulians were pretty excited about. Not just because they were fans of the show, but because pretty much the entire season was filmed in the area, utilizing many notable places in Missoula, Hamilton, and Darby.

As a result, some of these places have now become tourist-y destinations for fans of the show, including one Missoula diner which played a pivotal role in one episode this season...

Ruby's Cafe Has Tons of "Yellowstone" Fans Coming In For Selfies

KHQ reports that Ruby's Cafe has been dealing with an influx of people coming into the diner, having recognized the place from its appearance on Yellowstone, where it served as a key location in an episode that involved Kevin Costner (the Cosman, as I like to call him because we are close friends) negotiating to save the life of a sheriff who had been taken hostage.

I remember seeing some of the filming going on at Ruby's as it was happening and hearing reports about some of the stuff they were doing there, but now that the episode has aired, Ruby's is experiencing a whole new wave of people coming in. The problem is that they're stopping by, taking their selfie, and then not ordering anything!

That comes from a post from Blair Byron in the public Facebook group The 406!, which started to go viral within the group as people commented with their support for Ruby's. So if you're heading down to Ruby's because they were on Yellowstone, don't just take your photo and go - sit down and get some lunch or breakfast! If you've never had their Garbage Omelet, you're seriously missing out.

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