Every time you step outside these days, there always seems to be another fresh layer of snow covering our sidewalks and cars. Missoula has seen a decent amount of snow this winter, but a couple of Montana cities are seeing record breaking levels of snowfall!

KTVH in Helena reported:

Up to this date, it has been the snowiest season on record in Bozeman MSU, Havre, and Choteau.  Great Falls, Cut Bank, and East Glacier are having their second snowiest winters on record, with East Glacier now up to about 20 FEET on the year.  And now, areas hit by blizzard conditions the last few weeks are under a BLIZZARD WARNING into Saturday at least.  Northcentral Montana is under a WINTER STORM WATCH for reduced visibility and ground blizzard conditions until midnight Sunday night.

Record breaking snow numbers:

  • Bozeman MSU
    • So Far - 107"
    • Historic Rank - #1
  • Havre
    • So Far - 78.3"
    • Historic Rank - #1
  • Great Falls
    • So Far - 72.3"
    • Historic Rank - #2
  • Choteau
    • So Far - 68.3"
    • Historic Rank - #1
  • East Glacier
    • So Far - 234.5"
    • Historic Rank - #2

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