Former Congressman Pat Williams has come under fire for recent comments made to national media regarding the Grizzly football team recruiting 'thugs'.

A petition was recently submitted to Governor Steve Bullock asking him to remove Williams from the Montana Board of Regents.


Now, another petition has surfaced to promote Pat Williams, crafted by a former staffer from Forward Montana, the progressive organization that promotes liberal causes and candidates throughout the state.

Chris Coyle was one of the originators of the petition to remove Williams, and commented on the pro-Williams petition. Coyle says the competing petitions are a matter of Politics vs Principle.  Coyle says his organization is dedicated to removing Williams because his statements were 'directly and intentionally damaging to the student athletes and those associated with the University of Montana.'

Several calls to the authors of the pro-Williams petition have gone unanswered.

Chris Coyle

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