The July 6, 2020, Corvallis Apartment fire that killed three people continues to be investigated by the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office. Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton said two sheriff's detectives and a civilian investigator have been making progress through interviews and combing through technical data. But he's requesting help from the public.

Initial investigation of the early morning fire last year found evidence of an accelerent used on the second floor landing that started the fire, which killed three people. Another woman, who jumped from a second floor window, had severe burn and other injuries.

Holton said in a news release that the investigation has required "specific training and technology" which he believes has helped in possibly resolving the case. However, officers know there is additional information "that has not been brought to attention of investigators."

Holton asked anyone with any knowledge of the incident to contact the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office at (406) 363-3033 and ask to speak to a detective. Tips and leads can be sent to the office at or on the Sheriff's cellphone app (use the Tips or Contact buttons). Anonymous tips can be given to Crime Stoppers at (406) 721-4444.

In the release, Holton said, "With thousands of man-hours into this case, investigators are confident that with the help of our community and the right pieces of information, a suspect or suspects will be identified and prosecuted. The Ravalli County Sheriff's Office remembers the victims and many people affected by this tragedy, as law enforcement continues to work tirelessly every day to find justice in this case."

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