New Vann's CEO Jerry O'Connell says a Bozeman businessman is very interested in purchasing all five of the Vann's Appliance stores in Montana.

Vann's recently announced that their stores would be closing because the company could not find adequate financing to continue operations, and is already operating under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy order.

McConnell says that all may change if the bankruptcy court will give the company one week to firm up the deal to sell the stores to the potential buyer. McConnell says he will ask the court for that one-week extension on Tuesday, October 2nd.

McConnell says when he held his weekly conference call to all the Vann's stores on Monday morning and relayed the possibility that the stores could be bought by an in-state businessman, thereby possibly saving nearly 150 jobs, the initial reaction by employees was happiness for Vann's customers, and not just for their own jobs.

McConnell did not identify the Bozeman businessman, or any terms of the potential sale.

Vann's CEO Jerry McConnell