Today is the first official day of the 2022 Winter Olympics... although the opening ceremonies don't take place until this Friday, which is kind of weird. Doesn't it defeat the purpose of having the opening ceremonies if we're already holding some of the events?

Nevertheless! Montana has got Olympic fever - we just told you about some Olympic-themed trivia that'll be taking place down at Stave & Hoop on Friday, and about a really cool Winter Games Day that'll be taking place at Glacier Ice Rink. So the question is, which sport are Montanans looking forward to the most?

What Is the Most Popular Winter Olympic Sport in Montana?

What's your favorite sport in the winter Olympics? Are you a hockey fan? Do you like to watch downhill skiing? Can you not get enough of the luge?

(Sidenote: Jerry Seinfeld's standup bit about the luge has been one of my favorite things since I was a kid.)

Turns out, if you're in Montana, the sport you're probably looking forward to the most is the Skeleton - it's like the luge, but you're facing forward on a sort of sled as you're sliding downhill.

That comes from a new study conducted by Upgraded Points to figure out the most popular winter Olympic sport in every state in the US. We were actually the only state that had skeleton listed as our most popular sport. By far the biggest was figure skating, which landed the top spot in 23 states.

Will you be watching skeleton in the winter Olympics this year?

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