There is gonna be a run on the snack aisle at the store today. So I hope you stocked up on potato chips last week. The munchies will be rampant today, as Missoula celebrates 4/20.

Montana has only recently made recreational marijuana legal. But, the holiday has been celebrated for much longer than that. So far, Montana is off to a great start in representing states that have recreational use.

That sure is a lot of GREEN!

According to a recent article from our pal Denny Bedard

Recreational cannabis had its biggest month so far in March with nearly $15.9 million in sales. Medical sales came in at $9.8 million. Of that $72.9 million dollar figure, recreational sales have accounted for over $43.5 million. That puts Montana on pace to reach $174 million by the end of the year in recreational sales alone.

If you find yourself with a serious case of the munchies today, you should get a sandwich.

You may have heard that Jimmy John's is offering up a 4/20 discount, to celebrate the holiday. They want to know "how high you are?" The "higher" you are the better the discount. Now, before you go taking dabs and bong rips, they don't mean that kind of "HIGH." Jimmy Johns is offering discounts based on your elevation.

Thankfully Missoula is a mountain town, with an elevation of 3,205 feet above sea level.

According to the Jimmy John's "Highness Level Calculator," Missoula is "Kinda High." Meaning we can take advantage of a 15% discount on sandwiches today. But, you have to order online to take advantage of the deal.

Visit to find out just how "HIGH" you are.

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