If you happened to be walking down Higgins this week and had a plan to stop by Clyde Coffee, only to find it closed and looking oddly empty... don't worry! Clyde Coffee has not closed down, they're just moving!

They made the announcement on Facebook this past Thursday:

Now if you're thinking, "That's great! I thought they had closed for good, but they're just moving! Where are they moving to so I can stop by there as soon as I reopen?" Well... that we don't exactly know just yet. There's nothing in the announcement that details where Clyde Coffee will be relocating, and according to The Missoulian, owner Glenda Bradshaw isn't revealing the new spot just yet. She also mentions that they'll be able to brew their own coffee in the new location, wherever that might be.

I live right around that area, so it's going to be weird not seeing Clyde Coffee every time I'm walking down Higgins. But of course, that means that something new and exciting could be arriving to take its place. What could that be? Hopefully we'll find out pretty soon.

In the meantime, we wish all the success to Clyde Coffee, wherever their new spot takes them. Looking at the Facebook comments on their post, it seems like they've got a lot of support in the community no matter where they're located.

Will you be stopping by the new Clyde Coffee when it reopens up? Do you have any guesses as to where that might be?

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