This past summer, I ventured out to the Pharaohplex Movie Theater in Hamilton more than a few times - they opened a Drive-In behind the theater to give people a space to see movies during the pandemic, and I really took advantage of it, seeing new releases like Tenet and The Broken Hearts Gallery as well as older movies like Ghostbusters and Hocus Pocus.

The drive-in closed down as the weather got colder, but the theater itself has remained open in the months since, showing whatever new movies coming out that weren't just being put on streaming services, plus some classics, too. Unfortunately, the lack of a lot of new movies that people want to see has hurt them, and they announced via their Facebook page that they're closing down on January 16th, 2021.

It's not entirely hopeless, though - their post mentions that they're working to secure some grants that may give them the ability to reopen in the spring with improved social distancing measures, and they're working to support their employees as long as they can.

As someone who's very into movies and whose main activity pre-pandemic was going to the movie theater, I've been very worried about the state of the film industry over the past year. I have hope that, when this is all over, people will be ready to go out and see movies again - but we need to support our local cinemas to keep them afloat in the meantime.

So hopefully, the Pharaohplex will be back up and running in a few months - they just installed that drive-in this summer, and it's been so nice to have one in the area. To find out what's playing at the Pharaohplex during its last week, you can visit them at their website.

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