Apparently just shaking your fist in the air at speeders isn't working these days. You gotta teach them a lesson. Maybe scare them into thinking that you will hunt them down like Liam Niesen.

Or you can take matters into your own hands, like Patti Baumgartner did on Finlay Point. She says that the issue of speeding in the neighborhood has become more and more dangerous. As a mother and a grandmother, she is not happy with how unsafe it is for kids.

So, one day Patti decided to take a stand. Armed with a hair dryer (a.k.a radar gun) Patti simply sat near the shoulder of the road and appeared to be "clocking" all the speeders.

Her son reached out to the MHP and they decided to make Patti a Junior Trooper. See the full story from KPAX.


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