If there's two things I love in this world, it's The Simpsons and post-apocalyptic sci-fi dystopias. And now, finally, someone figured out a way to combine the two.

I first heard about Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play a few years ago, and it was a pretty crazy concept to wrap my head around - it's a three-act play in which each act jumps forward years into the future. Each act is about a group of apocalypse survivors retelling the story of "Cape Feare," an all-time classic Simpsons episode, relying solely on their memories. But since each act jumps forward several years, those memories become more distorted and the show becomes more abstract and weird.

Basically, it sounds like it was written specifically with me in mind, so I've wanted to see it for a while. Now, I'll get the chance! The University of Montana School of Theatre and Dance is doing their own production which began last weekend, and continues from Wednesday the 16th through Sunday the 20th.

The show is being held at the Montana Theater and you'll be able to get tickets online or at the box office before the show. The performances will be at 7:30 on the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th, and then at 2:00 on the 20th.

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