Running a long distance is no easy task, and if that intimidates you then definitely don't look up why we call it a marathon.

This year (2023) the Missoula Marathon and the Missoula Half Marathon is on Sunday, June 25th, so you still have plenty of time to prepare. If you'd like some guidance you can register with Run Wild Missoula, a training group that meets twice a week at different locations for a 17-week course starting on February 26th. If you'd rather train solo, here are some places you can run around and around and around:

Along the Clark Fork River

From the Kim Williams Trail to Ogren Park is a beautiful run. Don't take it for granted, I bet a lot of runners wish they had such a gorgeous place to train.

Greenough Park

This park has some varying steepness which is a plus for your training regimen. Not to mention it's terrifically beautiful, can't forget that

Blue Mountain

Featuring several relatively-flat trails that are, you guessed it, so beautiful.

Rattlesnake National Recreation Area

All that space means long trails, but be careful because those hills can be a doozy. Though a challenge like that could be a valuable asset in the effort to get yourself in the shape to do a marathon. Oh and I must also mention this area is also beautiful— aren't we so lucky?


To put it mildly, not every day in Missoula has ideal running conditions. When the trails are slippery or when it's extremely cold consider circling an indoor track or hitting the treadmill. Here's Yelp's list of the best gyms in Missoula.

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