Will, this is definitely a bummer. Pizza Hut, which has around 6100 restaurant locations in the US, has announced that it's going to be shutting down about 500 of them. The reason is because they want to start to shift focus from sit-down restaurants to stores that only offer delivery or takeout.

They've got about 1350 of those "express units" throughout the country, too - and with this news, I wouldn't be surprised if that number starts to climb. Still, I always liked going to sit down and eat at Pizza Hut - their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet was unbeatable, and when I was a teenager my friends and I abused that to the best of our ability. (Humblebrag: I once at 10 slices in one sitting. I can't even think about doing that now, I'd have a heart attack just picturing it).

The big question is - will this effect the Pizza Hut locations in Missoula? We've got (by my count) four of them in town, so chances are it won't take all of them if it does, but still something to wonder about. It was noted that "lower volume" restaurants are the ones that will be affected, whatever that means.

Think our Pizza Huts will be safe? Would you rather see more stores that just focus on delivery and takeout?

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