The Annual Blaze Ghost Hunt is officially in the books. While some of our investigators continue to sift through the mountain of possible evidence. We decided to share with you some photos and videos from our recent paranormal investigation of the abandoned orphanage in Twin Bridges, Montana.

This place has been around since 1894 and cared for over 5,000 children before closing its doors in 1975. That is a lot of kids who suffered a life growing up without a family to care for them. These kids had it rough. With reports of kids being abused by employees of the orphanage. Kids are being beaten or locked in closets for wetting their beds. From 1897 to 1944 there were 116 documented deaths at the orphanage. This is what makes the place's energy so interesting.

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Now the Blaze/TSI crew are only one of three paranormal investigation teams that have ever been allowed on the property. The other 2 teams known for their television shows on the Travel Channel. Ghost Adventures and Destination Fear.

Our first impression of the property was simply how BIG it was. With 26 buildings spread out over 100 acres of land. We focused mostly on 5 of those buildings. The main administration building (the white Victorian style house.) This is the oldest building on the property. We also spent time in a few of the dormitories, the school, the gym and the nursery. With each building having it's own vibe you could physically feel.

We split up into 3 teams. Spreading out around the property. Team Blaze consisted of 4 women and 3 men. We had multiple ghost hunting gadgets in our arsenal. Including a REM pod and K-II EMF readers. The REM Pod detects electromagnetic fields and displays them using lights and sounds. The K-II meter also detects electromagnetic fields, but shows them as lights increasing on a meter. Using these devices we could tell if there was a increase in electromagnetic energy in the room. Signifying a possible ghost in the room.

During one of our investigations of the nursery, we had the REM Pod and K-II meter flashing and beeping like lights at a disco. When we began to ask questions, the lights and beeping would change. At one point in the night we captured something on video that we cannot explain.

For the record, I spent most of the night being a die hard sceptic. I did everything I could to disprove any sounds or noises we would hear. I cannot wrap my mind around this following clip. You see, we were doing an EVP session (electronic voice phenomena.) It is basically trying to capture disembodied voices on a recording device. When we are asking questions, it is standard protocol that we do not "goof off" or step on each other as we are asking questions. When this video clip was submitted to me by one of our investigators, I quickly wrote it off as one of us goofing around. But, I soon realized that couldn't be the case. Partly because the investigator, Nikki, or even myself would have scolded whatever person was playing around.

In this following video clip, I ask you to listen with an open mind. I cannot make out what the disembodied voice is saying. But, I can tell you that it is not any of the Blaze crew.

I refer to it as the Adam Sandler ghost. Because it sounds like a scene from Billy Madison where he speaks gibberish at the dinner table.

Listen closely to the following clip. The beeping is due to the REM Pod picking up a disturbance in the electromagnetic field. You will hear out lead investigator, Nikki, asking simple questions like "Is this Norman or Brian?" Later in the clip you can also hear another investigator, Brandon, ask "can you tell us your name?" At 5 seconds into the clip however, you hear what sounds like someone singing gibberish.

Listen closely to see if you can make out what the disembodied voice is saying.

The following are some amazing photos taken by our friend John Stewart with J Stewart Photography.

Blaze Ghost Hunt 2021 = Twin Bridges Orphanage


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