The boys of Phi Delta Theta won the honors of "Best Fraternity on UM Campus" in a recent poll, and in celebration we allowed them to take over our studio, our airwaves, and even our playlist!

To be quite honest, I was dreading going to work today. Fears of having to constantly censor "F bombs" and total anarchy were just a couple of scenarios running through my head on the way to the studio. When I heard that the possibly of nearly 38 students cramming themselves into my broadcast booth was on today's agenda, I predicted only the worst. However, as I was greeted by the unofficial ring leader Christian Jakson, who was first to roll in before the rest of the crew, my concerns were quickly beginning to diminish..

Jackson, jokingly dubbed "CJDJ", brought his turntables into the building and a calm demeanor that was unlike the stereotype most would envision when attempting to classify a usual frat boy. His soft spoken presence and polite smile was far from the sweaty, curse word ridden, hungover profile usually portrayed by Hollywood movies. Soon after he was followed by even more students that matched this charm.


Over the course of the five hour long station takeover, I learned much about the popular Greek chapter. Did you know that Neil Armstrong, the first man to land on the moon was a Phi Delt? So was country star Chris Cagle. In fact, even US President Benjamin Harrison was an honorary member of this fraternity!

I also learned that there was much more to Greek life than the typical parties and hazing. In fact, much of that lifestyle is few and far between. Phi Delt actually prides themselves more on the benefits of brotherhood and community service. Giving students a family away from their own, and raising awareness for fund raisers and other awareness projects is what they are mostly known for. Being an active member on campus and a good role model is certainly something I did not expect these well spoken gentlemen to be.

But don't get me wrong, these boys know how to party! And boy, did they ever. Johnson fired up his decks and spun probably the best mini-mixes this audience has ever heard on a Monday morning, while the rest of the crew pumped their fists, getting rowdy in between chowing down on the official breakfast of students worldwide: pizza.


Having the "best fraternity" on my show really made my program very enjoyable and a pleasure to facilitate. My cookie-cutter stereotype about frat boys has all but gone away, replaced by men that are forever considered a special guest on my radio show anytime they would like to return. I had an absolute blast. Something I truly was not expecting when I heard my show was about to be overrun by an entire fraternity.

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