Pete Davidson is famous in his own right. The 24-year-old has been making audiences laugh on Saturday Night Live since 2014. He's been featured in movies and has starred in his own stand-up specials. But his celebrity status has been magnified tenfold after his engagement to Ariana Grande earlier this year.

Now, the comedian has a security detail following him around a lot of the time, and he's even received death threats because of his engagement. "Someone wanted to shoot me in the face," Pete explained to Howard Stern during a recent visit to his radio show, "because she's so hot. Do you know how insane that is? I was like, 'Am I that ugly that people want to shoot me in the face?'"

The negative energy Pete has received on the internet caused him to wipe his Instagram account over the summer, admitting to Howard that he doesn't even know the password to his accounts anymore. "I'm able to let [comments] bounce off, but I think it would bother anybody," he lamented. "I want to beat everybody up, but I can't."

During the interview, Pete also reminisced about the first time he met Ari, and how he's constantly in disbelief that she chose him. When asked how they got together, he explained that they were both in the same places at the same time emotionally, referring to the break ups they both endured shortly before starting their relationship. "I just think some people are meant to be together and some people aren't, even if they are good people or not," he said. "Some people just aren't good in relationships together. And I just think she's — we're supposed to be together."

Watch snippets of Pete's interview below.


Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson in New York City

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