Have you ever planned a "destination" Thanksgiving? Or even, a "destination Christmas" for the family? Maybe someplace that is nearly guaranteed to have a white Christmas? Someplace like a nearby ski resort.

Just think about it. You could wake up and not have to worry about the drive to the mountain. You could go and play all day and come back to a hot cup of cocoa and a cozy bed. Maybe a classic Christmas morning gift exchange before hitting the ski hill.

With the creation of websites like Air BnB and VRBO, spending a family holiday away from home is easier than ever. And surprisingly affordable too.

I saved you a little time and went ahead a researched some nearby ski resorts and possible ski lodge rentals nearby. What I found might make you rethink your plans for hanging all those lights and decorating a tree at home.

How about a short drive to Discovery Ski Area?

Located in the hills nearby Georgetown Lake, Discovery Ski Area would be a great spot for the family to have some winter fun. With many of the vacation homes located around Georgetown intended for summer use only, winter rentals are abundant.

One, in particular, stood out to me. Mostly because of how rustic it is. But, also for how many people it could accommodate. It is called the End of the Road Yurt.

That's right... A yurt located only 5 miles from Discovery Ski Area. A different kind of lodge that has 5 beds and sleeps 6. Not to mention, at the time of this writing it is only $143 a night.

End of the Road Yurt

How about you pack up the Griswold family station wagon and head west on I-90 to Lookout Pass?

Lookout Pass is known for having a fair amount of snow. When other resorts are struggling to maintain a solid snowpack, Lookout always seems to be sitting pretty high on top near the Montana/Idaho border.

Much like the yurt near Discovery Ski Area, I found a rental that is affordable and sleeps the whole family. Not to mention it is less than 5 miles from Lookout Pass.

This 4 bed 2 bath home is located just over the pass in Mullan, Idaho. This place is big enough to invite your cousins and in-laws over for Christmas. At nearly 1600 sq feet, this house will sleep 12 comfortably. Right now, the rate is $233 per night, that would be a cost of roughly $20/night per person.

Mullan House

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