O, O, O, O'Reillyyyyyyyyyyy... Auto Parts (Bwam!)

Now that jingle is stuck in your head, you're welcome.

Missoula Current is reporting that O'Reilly Auto Parts is building a new store on a former auto lot on West Broadway. Apparently, they acquired the property a few months ago and the plan is to begin construction in the spring.

No word yet on what's going to happen with the O'Relly that's located on Brooks Street, though if it were to close I'm sure it wouldn't be until the new location is up and running. This is just the latest development project to hit West Broadway, which has several office buildings and other projects currently being worked on.

Seems like it'll be a little while until we actually see the new O'Reilly Auto Parts - does this make it more convenient for you to head over there, or is it more out of your way?

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