Congratulations to The Elliotts!

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the beautiful wedding of my dear friend Bailey and the love of her life Andrew. From the moment Bailey told me about her relationship with Andrew, I knew he was the guy for her!

Sure enough, a couple months later these two lovebirds got hitched in one of the most gorgeous wedding settings I've ever seen. Surrounded by friends and family, the pair pledged their love to one another in a way that brought the whole room to tears!

Looking back on such a beautiful night, my heart is filled with so much love and so much hope. Bailey and Andrew, I wish the two of you a lifetime of laughter, love and of course happiness!

And BTW if you're in the market for an indoor wedding venue, you might want to check out the space at Zootown church! Bailey's family and friends turned it into the 'Pinterest perfect' wedding setting! And as far as wedding photographers go, they had an incredible one in the form of Suzana Shambra! To check out her professional photos of The Elliott wedding, click HERE!

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