You hear all the time parents complaining about kids leaving their toys out, often times Lego pieces and then stepping on one. I will admit that sounds annoying and a bit painful but not as annoying as one little Lego piece that has been causing me a headache for a week now.

Last week Savannah and I along with our two dogs Koda and Gypsy moved into a new house. The new house doesn't have as much room for the dogs to run, but the house is beautiful. And my favorite part, we went from having one bathroom to two bathrooms. Although that is where the Lego problem/ dilemma/ annoyance comes in.

Everything in the new house had been working perfectly, except the shower drain in the master bathroom. We figured it wasn't a big deal just probably need to remove all the hair from the previous owners (which was gross) and it will work just fine. After removing the hair I noticed something else moving within the drain... A Lego! UGH!

While it was a bit challenging to remove the Lego from the drain, we now have a properly working shower drain. All is right in the world again. After this fun little experience I have so much more respect for all the parents in the world.

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