I’m lucky enough to still have one grandparent left. My grandmother just turned 90 this year. She is not as sharp as she used to be, but I’d be very lucky if I was as healthy as she is when I am 90.

There is just something so great about old people. They have lived life and have learned what’s important and what’s not.

The thing I love most about them is how honest they are. They just don’t care what other people think anymore. They aren’t afraid to fart in public, clean their dentures at a restaurant or tell people exactly what they think of them.

I can’t wait for the day when I’m not afraid to be honest and don’t care what people think of me. Imagine how freeing that will be?

It’s safe to say that there are a few stereotypes surrounding old people. I’ve found that usually when there is a stereotype, there is a good reason for it. Stereotypes are usually true. That’s how they become stereotypes.

What would it look like if a younger person was a stereotypical older person? Watch and see.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.


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