You've been to music fests, beer fests, and maybe even a cider fest or two. But have you ever been to a margarita fest? Cause now you're gonna have the chance!

The 1st Annual Northwest Margarita Fest is coming to Caras Park on July 13th, and it looks like a blast. Here's some of the details, taken from their Facebook event page:

"Its time to salt that rim and squeeze that lime at the 1st annual Northwest Margarita Fest. Come join us July 13th in Caras Park while we indulge in the sweet nectar that is tequila and mezcal from all across Latin America. Throughout the day you can vote on your favorite margarita designed from local Montana watering holes, sip on tequila and mezcal, enjoy street tacos from local food trucks, dance to latin and reggae music provided by Kris Moon, and participate in speaking panels from Chief Agave to learn about the history and stories behind these cultural libations. Come join us in the sunshine. All Ages Event"

Yeah, we'll definitely be checking this out. How about you?

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