There are signs everywhere you look. Whether it is advertisements, stop signs, no parking signs or even "wear a mask" sign. You cannot open your eyes in the modern world and not see a sign of some sort. But, now there is a new sign that has appeared in downtown Missoula. Another informing you of what you cannot do when driving your vehicle. "No Idling" signs have recently shown up near the new Stockman Bank downtown, nearby City Hall and near the main post office on East Broadway.

But, What does "No Idling" mean?

Basically, these areas are places where people are known to pull up and quickly run into a business. All while keeping their vehicles running. This happens not only during cold winter months, but also hot summer days when motorist want to keep their vehicles warm or cool.

According to KPAX

The signs are part of a partnership with the Missoula Parking Commission in an effort to work on air quality in the area.

Since Missoula is in a valley and known for frequent inversions. Pollutants do not escape the valley easily, leading to poor air quality. Bu, does the "no idling" signs really help reduce emissions, or is it just another sign adding inconvenience to your life?

According to KPAX, Missoula in Motion Transportation Demand Management Specialist Margaret Hoyt said

“By decreasing single-occupancy vehicle trips. So trying to get people to bike, bus, walk, carpool, vanpool, use any form of sustainable transportation,"

One question I have, Is this a ticket able offense, or just a deterrent for people to turn off their vehicles?

What do you think?

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