Hey there, Aaron here!

I'm always excited for this annual Night B4 THXGVN' party because:

A) It's the biggest party night of the year. (It just is, google it)

B) Every DJ in the city is invited to jam out together, just for fun!

No. Seriously. It's a madhouse. A total mess. Dancing bodies everywhere. A web of wires, crazy lights, and a bunch of donated speakers. Sometimes, we will have, like, 13 DJ turntables all daisy-chained together making a bunch of noise out of speakers that will eventually get distorted. And it's beautiful. With that in mind:

Here are the rules for our 6th annual Night B4 Thxgvn' Turntable Potluck:

For all DJ's who want to perform on Monk's stage amidst a sea of your friends and on-lookers. PAY ATTENTION!!

1) Sound check begins at 6pm. Plan on at least an hour to link your controller or turntables to our sound board.

2) Don't expect a designated schedule lineup or compensation (well, ok, a couple free drinks). This is simply a chance for us all to mess around with music together. Respect one another (and their gear) and allow each person a chance to shine. We don't want any pressure. It's all for fun. Also, due to the nature of of this event, you may not get a chance to play at all. It just depends on how the night flows. It's one of those dysfunctional parties, I can tell you right now. But fun!

3) Plan on networking, and getting in tight with other DJ's. Learn from one another, and see to it that everyone gets a chance to dance with all of your expertise combined.

4) Seriously. Invite EVERYONE you know. Again, it's your chance to be on one of the best stages in downtown Missoula! Tell them that they need to come dance to your set!!



Anyone else interested in attending? Pay Attention!

Date and Time

The show will kick off at 10:00 p.m. on November 21st - The day before Thanksgiving.


Turntable Potluck will blow up at Monk's Bar in downtown Missoula, MT.


Wristbands are available at the door starting at 10:00 p.m. the day of the event. Entry is $5. Turntable Potluck is a 21+ only show.



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