More than anything, I LOVE discovering new music or just finding a new song or artist to obsess over…

I’ve decided to share my obsession with you each week by playing my Pick of the Week every single day on 107.5 ZooFM in the 3pm and 6pm hours.

This week I picked the UK's female version of One Direction, also known as Little Mix! Honestly it's so unfair to compare them to 1D, because these girls truly are very different, but it's so hard to overlook their similarities. Both groups were formed on the The X Factor: UK and were eventually signed with Simon Cowell at Columbia Records.

Like a lot of artists, their music has grown with them! Personally, their earlier songs were a little bit too 'teen-pop' for my taste, but that's not really surprising when you look at who their main demographic was when they started. Time goes on though, and Little Mix is now making music more suited to their age group and their aging audience. And I gotta say I love where the sound of their music is headed.

Touch is one of those songs that I actually had to Shazam to see who was singing it. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the beautiful melodies were sung by the Little Mix girls. I always knew they had the potential to write and perform a song like this, I'm just glad that they are finally living up to it!

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