Going to the Sasquatch music festival at The Gorge in Washington was the absolute best way to end the month of May and kickoff summer! Not only was the weather insanely beautiful and the venue one of the best in the world, the overall music scene was on a whole other level.

One of my favorite parts about live music is its ability to turn strangers into best friends. My Sas-Squad that weekend was made up of straight up legends! Some were old friends, the rest were new ones. We spent the weekend dancing, laughing, singing, applying an excessive amount of sparkles to our already extremely sparkled skin and most importantly, we created memories we won't soon forget!

On the third and final night of the festival, we bailed early on that night's headliner so we could catch a set from a group of Canadian guys. They go by Bob Moses and to say they blew our minds is a total understatement!

They lulled us in right from the start with a heavy bass and a smooth steady rhythm. Prior to Sasquatch, I hadn't even heard of Bob Moses. But in a way I'm glad it played out in the way it did because seeing the guys do their thing in that setting, surrounded by my beautiful friends and wrapping up one of the best weekends I've had in months, made the experience feel almost magical!

One of the last songs they played was their hit single 'Tearing Me Up.' Unlike the majority of their album, this track features way more vocals from lead singer Tom Howie. #Swoon Even though the band made their performance look easy, I know just how much actually goes into making the kind of music they create. The guys have a way of not overfilling their music with a lot of extras and as a result the audience subconsciously is hanging on every beat and every word. I admire their ability to level out the importance of what is and is not being said and heard. It's different, but effective!

Bob Moses changed my life at Sasquatch. Not in an 'earth shattering' way, but more like they filled something within me that I didn't know was empty. If they aren't on your radar, they should be!

For more on Bob Moses, click HERE!



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