Okay I'm a huge believer in the idea that you find things you love when you're not looking for them!

It was a normal day when I stumbled on Adam Friedman's song 'Sad' on a random Spotify playlist. It literally stopped me in my tracks. With a title like Sad you expect the song to be a major downer. But in fact it's the exact opposite.

The song is so relatable and easy on the ears! It's a weird sort of comfort knowing that "it's okay to be sad sometimes." We all go through so many ups and downs in life but it's all part of the ride! Feel all those feelings baby!

I reached out to his manager who told me Adam's EP is coming out on February 10th! Word on the street is that he's also performing his next single on The Today Show and on The Bachelor! So exciting!

Check out Adam's song 'Sad' below!

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