Okay so ever since the first of the year I've really kicked up my workout game! I hit-up the gym everyday and I'm going to more and more fitness classes.

I'm working on finding a balance between work and my health. Trust me, I know how hard it is to work a full day and then come home and be completely zapped of energy. It makes getting up and going to the gym or going for a brisk run  extremely difficult.

But that all changed when I started taking supplements from my friends over there at Real Nutrition. They started me off with the FoxyFit supplement series and now have worked me up to the NutraOne supplement series. I can see and definitely feel the difference.

These supplements give me the extra boost I need to get to the gym and get a solid workout in. Not to mention these supplements do wonders for my hair and skin because of the healthy nutrients in them.

For more information on the brands or to order some supplements for yourself check out realnutritionmissoula.com!

Nicole Wren TSM
Nicole Wren TSM

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