Montana has been a hotbed for Hollywood lately. Lots of filmmakers have been flocking to Big Sky Country to film using our beautiful landscape as a backdrop. But not all movies that take place in Montana, are filmed in Montana.

Occasionally, I find myself getting caught off guard when a movie's plot is based in Montana. Take the Jack Black movie "Shallow Hal" for example. In the movie, Jack's character gets stuck in an elevator with motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Jack's character asks Tony "what brings you to Montana?" Even though the movie was clearly filmed in a coastal location.

Fast forward to the release of the "Sonic the Hedgehog" movie last year. I just about fell out of my chair when I realized that the story takes place in Montana.

According to Wikipedia

Sonic enjoys a secret life near the town of Green Hills, Montana, but longs to make friends. He idolizes the local sheriff, Tom Wachowski, calling him "Donut Lord", and his veterinarian wife, Maddie

Granted that Green Hills, is a fictional town. My son was delighted to know that "Sonic the Hedgehog lives in Montana." I couldn't bring myself to tell him the movie was filmed in Vancouver, and that Sonic wasn't real.

Now Sonic is BACK for a sequel. The trailer for "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" has been released. The trailer shows Sonic and his new friend "Tails" defending small-town Montana from the wrath of Doctor Eggman and "Knuckles the Enchida."

The Sonic sequel will be released April of 2022.

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