Man, I could have used this a couple months back when my 2011 MacBook finally shut down for good. A new Mac repair store has opened up on Higgins!

Missoula Mac Repair is a one-man shop that runs independently from Apple, and specializes in fixing Macs, iPhones, and iPads. The store is run by Chad Penewell, who actually moved here from Denver a couple months ago so he could set up this store. According to him, it's the only computer repair store in Missoula that works on all Apple products.

Penewell also says that, because the store isn't Apple Authorized, it isn't restricted by what Apple says they can and can't fix or change. As somebody who has had to go to the Apple store a lot in the past, the hoops you have to jump through to get your stuff fixed can be pretty intense. This seems like a great alternative to try to fix your equipment without all that hassle.

If your laptop or phone breaks down, will you be checking out Missoula Mac Repair? You'll find it at its new location at 415 N Higgins Ave.


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