Man, remember concerts?

I have vague memories of gathering with large groups of people and all standing near some kind of elevated platform, where a person or a group of people would be standing. They would be... strumming on some kind of stringy stick, and another would be hitting a series of plates with their own set of wooden sticks. It's hard to remember... it was so long ago.

One day, I hope to go back and experience these concerts - if that's what they're called - but until then, I'll have to settle for livestream performances, which have been a cool way to connect with bands while all this (gestures wildly around at everything) is still going on.

And this is a pretty cool thing - there's a new virtual concert series taking place here in Missoula, featuring local artists and showcasing iconic Missoula landmarks. The first one aired this past weekend, featuring Shakewell on the roof of the Florence Building. Now this was actually recorded back in October and just aired now - the plan is to do the first five performances pre-recorded, and the next five will be livestreamed (those ones will kick off on New Year's Eve).

They're calling it the Hellgate Music Series, and they'll be bringing local musicians to spots like the Missoula Art Park, the Stargazing Room at UM's Payne Family Native American Center, and the parking lot of Draught Works Brewery.

Pretty cool, right? You can follow The Noise Gate Studio on Youtube for future performances, and you can watch Shakewell's full performance below.

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