When Mo' Dogs unfortunately closed down a few months back, everyone was wondering what would replace it at that location. This week, Missoulians got their answer - and by all accounts, it seems like a worthy replacement.

Veera Donuts just opened up this past week at the S. Higgins location, right behind Big Dipper Ice Cream. They've been a favorite at the Missoula farmer's market for a while now, so it's exciting to see them expand into a permanent location.

The great thing about Veera is that it's all organic, too - here's how they describe themselves on their website:

We use real, pure, organic ingredients to create unique, edible works of art with innovative flavor profiles and unparalleled taste.  Unlike other donut manufacturers, we don’t use pre-made, factory produced mixes. We make all of our jams, compotes, fillings, glazes and toppings in-house, using the finest ingredients we can find to deliver honest flavour. It is extra work but we believe the results speak for themselves. Cheap donuts are made from inexpensive (often GMO)  ingredients, while Veera donuts are crafted from whole organic foods with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Sounds pretty great, and it also sounds like they've been packed ever since they opened - the owner even says they had to close early one day after they ran out of donuts. Demand is high!

Have you been to Veera Donuts yet? What's your verdict?

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