Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital (MDMH) in Hamilton will open a new larger health clinic in Darby next year. As the hospital rebrands its clinics under the new "Bitterroot Health" name, the Bitterroot Physician Clinic on the north end of Darby will be renamed "Bitterroot Health Darby - Scripps Clinic" and will offer more services in a centralized location - primary care, lab services, X-ray, retail pharmacy, physical rehabilitation and ambulance services.

Katie Herczeg, FNP at the Darby clinic, said in a news release, "We're thrilled to be able to expand our offerings in Darby and provide services like X-ray, which has been something residents of Darby have needed to travel into Hamilton for." The current clinic was opened in 2016. A donation from Mr. Scripps will move the expansion forward.

Bitterroot Health Regional Director Pete Dunn will manage the Darby facility. He said, "We've had a great connection with our patients in Darby and it's important to us that we continue to expand our health care services there. We realize that the people of Darby have to travel to Hamilton quite a bit for certain services, so it's rewarding to turn the tables and bring more services to them."

That opinion was shared by MDMH CEO John Bishop, who said, "We are proud of the legacy Margaret Daly established when she opened Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in 1931. As our community continues to grow, we felt it was important to expand services and further invest in the Darby community. The name Bitterroot Health brings our past into focus, as expanding care for more people in the Bitterroot Valley embraces Margaret Daly's mission of providing care for all."

Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital is encouraging the public to suggest health needs in the community. You can submit your ideas at For information on all health matters in the Hamilton hospital, including the Community Health Needs Assessment, check their website.

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