After a long, exhausting workout, there's few things that are as relaxing as kicking back and enjoying a nice, cold beer. Normally, if you were at the gym, you'd have to go somewhere else to hang out and enjoy a drink - but in Missoula, that's no longer the case!

Apex Bistro just opened up in Missoula, but it didn't have to find a location downtown or anything like that - it's actually located inside VRTX Fitness over on Russell Street. The idea is that it will help people find their balance, a perfect combination of exercise and relaxation.

The grand opening of Apex Bistro is this weekend and runs from today all the way through Sunday, and will feature a ton of food and drink specials. They've even got a rooftop patio where people can chill and watch the Griz game on Saturday.

That's definitely a new one for people exercising, and I'm guessing members of VRTX will be pretty excited about it - although I've got a feeling that a few people will probably tell people they're "going to the gym" and then just stop here to have a drink. They wouldn't be lying! They really would be at the gym!

Have you been to VRTX Fitness in the past? Are you excited to check out Apex Bistro and see what they've got going there? Will you be checking out the grand opening this weekend to take advantage of some of the specials?

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