It's almost music festival season and I could not be more excited! There is something so awesome about artists from all different genres converging on one event.

We're kind of in a cool spot here in Missoula because we're decently close to two pretty awesome festivals! There aren't a lot of places in the country that can say this!

So I've put together a list of some of the best music festivals in the country and their stacked lineups this year!


#1 SASQUATCH - If you've never been to Sasquatch before, you have to check it out at least once in your life. This is the closest music festival for Missoulians who love alternative, hip-hop & R&B, dance and pop music. The venue itself is worth the trip! And this year, two of their headliners (Twenty One Pilots and Chance the Rapper) won Grammys!


#2 Headwaters Country Jam - Come on, no one does a country concert like Montanans! If you've never been before, this country festival in Three Forks, MT is a total blast! I would go for Chris Young alone!!!


If you're down to make the journey, these festivals are SO worth checking out!


#1 Coachella - Again this is one music festival that you have to check out at least once in your life. It's an awesome combination of the best music artists in the world plus the best visual artworks! This is the music festival that all the celebs typically make an appearance at and you're bound to see at least 15 bands/artists that you love! I mean check out this years lineup! #Stacked (***I've been 4 times and it's so badass!***) We've got a way for you to WIN YOUR WAY IN to Coachella THIS YEAR! Click HERE for more info!


#2 Stagecoach - This country music festival is like Headwaters Country Jam but 10x bigger! I went last year and to say that it was freaking awesome is an understatement! Just think, the hottest men and women you've ever seen all converging out in the desert in SoCal to drink beer and listen to county music! What could be more fun than that!!!?


#3 Firefly Music Festival - Now I haven't been able to check this one out yet but it sounds awesome. In short this festival is compiled completely of artists that fans voted they wanted to see! So the fans pick the lineup! Gonna make this a priority next year!

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