Missoula is an interesting place culturally, certainly different from the rest of the state and yet with elements that are distinctly Montanan. This shines through in the music taste of Missoulians, which is notably diverse but there are patterns you can notice if you're looking for them. Here are the most common types of music fans in Missoula:

Country Cowgirls and Cowboys

The stereotype is that no one Missoula never listens to country, they only to esoteric, experimental weirdness you've never heard of mannnnnn. But that's not true, this is still Montana after all. When they drive their trucks around town, they're listening to 94.9 KYSS FM and Eagle 93.3.

Classic Rockers

Fitting for Missoula's hippie nature, Zootown definitely has a number of old-school rock fans that "saw them back when." At home they have impressive record collections, some of which from Ear Candy Music, in the car they're blasting Z100.

Pop Queens and Kings

They're mostly either Griz students or hip parents and they're in the loop with what's happening. Their favorite morning show is Brooke and Jeffrey on 96.9 Zoo FM.

96.3 The Blaze Listeners

I'm scared of these people so I won't dare accidentally make an unwelcome observation, so I'll keep it safe and repeat the fact that they listen to 96.3 The Blaze.

Alt Peepz

You've seen Missoula's alternative people around, they're often easy to spot with their unique take on fashion. Not every alt fan has blue hair, but yeah, pretty much everyone with blue hair is an alt fan. The station for them is Alt 95.7.

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