Today, millions of Montanans are heading out to the polls - they've been thinking about their decision for years, and they're finally ready to go out and cast their vote. They're taking part in that great democratic process, all with one goal in mind: finally, we shall determine just what exactly is Montana's favorite sandwich.

Ok, maybe that's not why people are voting today (and seriously, please go vote), but maybe I'm just looking for a recount here. You see, Zippia put together this study where they determined the favorite sandwich of every state in the US, and there are so many great options Montana could have chosen - an Italian sub, a pulled pork BBQ sandwich, a classic peanut butter and jelly - and instead, our choice was... a tuna sandwich.

Listen, I know there are people out there who like tuna. I get it. It's ok to be wrong.

I just don't see how tuna tops the list, not only in Montana, but in five other states! It's tied for the top sandwich overall, along with the chicken sandwich. But at least that one makes sense! Chicken is good!

I don't know, all I know is that in 2020 my entire perspective has been warped. Down is up, black is white, dogs and cats are living together, it's mass hysteria. Maybe I'm just burnt out on all the election stuff, and this tuna thing was the last straw for me. Who's to say? If nothing else, I'm sort of in the mood for a chicken sandwich now, so I guess thanks Zippia for making that happen?

And also, seriously, please go vote. It matters.

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