This past weekend, I was starting to run low on beer so I stocked up from a local brewery in Missoula. And then I saw this story this morning, and now I feel like I should have gotten a little extra.

According to a new survey from the Brewers Association, about 60% of all craft breweries in the US could be closing down by July because of the Coronavirus pandemic. They say about 15% of breweries will be shutting down by next month.

Craft beer has become such a huge industry over the last 10-15 years, and Missoula especially has an extensive beer scene. And while a lot of the appeal is in sitting in the bar area, maybe getting a flight and being with friends, it's still important to support them when you can if you want them to be around when this is all over.

Have you had beer delivered to your place or picked it up from any breweries in town recently? If not, try it! It's a pretty easy, quick process, at least from my experience.

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