We have all had our fair share of great food in the state of Montana, but which dining establishment earned the honors of 'most interesting?'

According to the website impulcity.com, it’s the restaurant at Chico Hot Springs Resort.

While the article doesn't specify whether that means the dining room, the poolside grill or the saloon, we'll go ahead and assume the author(s) meant the dining room. If you've ever had the flaming chocolate orange for dessert, you’d probably agree that it’s a pretty special place. I can barely get through the appetizer menu alone – BBQ bison short-rib ravioli and house-smoked Rainbow Trout – without having trouble deciding what to order.

The article also doesn't mention the food, but it explains its choice for Montana’s most interesting restaurant based on the post-supper soaking possibility.

“There’s nothing like gorging yourself on food and then floating around lazily afterwards,” the article states.

I agree. But what I don’t agree with is this statement:

“We’d be lying if we said there was a surplus of interesting restaurants in Montana…”

Wait. What? Apparently the author(s) didn’t swing by the Sip ‘n Dip or the Land of Magic Dinner Club or any of the other charming spots make Montana an awesome state in which to dine.

What do you think? What is the most interesting restaurant in Montana?


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