Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? It makes sense - it's in the middle of the summer, and ice cream is pretty much the perfect summertime treat. A lot of us have our own favorite flavors of ice cream (for me: anything with peanut butter, especially if we can get some Reese's Cups in there).

A new study from Square was actually able to figure out the favorite flavor of ice cream in every state in the US. As you'd expect, the common choices were chocolate (14 states) and vanilla (12 states, including my home state of New York).

But we here in Montana walk alone with our choice of ice cream flavor. We were the only state in the entire country to pick this one: Salted Caramel. That's a surprise! I figured if we were gonna walk a different path, we'd at least pick Huckleberry or something.

Still, nice to know Montanans want something a little different and won't rely on a boring choice like every other state. Are you a salted caramel fan? Do you think we should have gone with something different?

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