Have you seen this new YouTube series that's going around different areas of Montana to highlight the coolest aspects of living here?

It's called Montana's Best, and the YouTube channel has actually been active for a while - for the last few months, it's mostly been posting teaser or short clips, usually less than a minute long.

But about two weeks ago, the first full episode of the show dropped, which is called "Dinosaur Digging in Montana," and takes the viewer along on a dig for fossils in Glendive.

As you can see, this isn't just one person with a camera filming something quickly to get it on YouTube for some easy likes. You've got a variety of shots that show off Montana, host Julie Mac meeting with experts about each subject, It's clear that a lot of care and production went into Montana's Best. The Montana Film Office notes that the production actually participated in the Big Sky Grant Program.

Only two episodes of the show have aired so far - the other one is called "ATVing in Montana."

If you want more info on the show, you can visit them at their Facebook page or check out their website.

It's not clear yet - as far as I can see - how many episodes of the show there will be in total, but this is such a cool idea both for people who may want to visit Montana and for the people who live here who may not know about some of the cool stuff this show will be covering. Will you be watching the show?

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